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Progam & Vendor Management

Strategic Consulting

Strategy is a company's game plan for winning; it maps out the moves a business must make to outwit the competition, captivate customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy inspires and informs the actions of the executive team, and mobilizes employees.

We've helped thousands of clients, in every industry, develop and deliver on their strategies. We've enabled companies to find new sources of profitable growth, reposition their businesses for the future and sharpen their competitive advantage. Since 1980, our clients have outperformed the stock market by a ratio of four to one. Our robust analytic tool kit and fact-based approach, coupled with our ability to draw lessons across industries, enables us to deliver innovative, pragmatic strategies for creating value.

We help all kinds of companies -- from distressed businesses to market leaders -- craft both corporate and business unit strategy. Often, that starts with choosing arenas to compete in and metrics that will determine success. We examine how business units can grow profitably by strengthening their core business and tapping adjacencies. A robust suite of tools, including customer segmentation, competitor research and cost analysis, helps clients to arrive at the most effective strategies.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning takes a holistic look at a company's aspirations, testing and refining corporate objectives. The plan includes mapping a self-correcting process to achieve new levels of performance. It helps companies decide where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources. Strategic planning serves as a starting point for such related work as growth, portfolio strategy and M&A strategy.

Surprisingly, companies often fail to take a long-term view in strategic planning, mistakenly believing it does not necessarily lead to higher returns. We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies, while focusing on the biggest issues they currently face and on the best way to get results.

Throughout the process, Bain reviews and challenges clients' strategy assumptions. We work to identify the largest opportunities to build value within the company and develop an understanding of how its current performance compares with its full corporate potential. We help clients identify capability gaps and marketplace opportunities and set up tactical goals and tracking systems that ensure results.

Vendor Management

Business Process Outsourcing, Multisourcing, Smart-Sourcing…whatever you call it, when you’re trusting a major portion of your business to an outsourced vendor, effective management can mean the difference between success and failure. Many of the disciplines typically associated with project and program management are particularly appropriate when applied to the problem of effectively reaping the benefits of an outsourced project or function. As with many business strategies, outsourcing requires significant management focus if it is to deliver on its promise. Unfortunately, too many organizations believe that simply making the decision to outsource and selecting a vendor is enough to provide cost savings and productivity gains. According to the GartnerGroup, the outsourcing trend is on the rise and only getting more complex, and few organizations are rising to the management challenge.

Analyst Lorrie Scardino writes: “By 2005, 70 percent of enterprises will use more than three sources for service delivery in key areas; however, less than 10 percent will have the resources and processes in place to manage multiple sources for enterprise value.” (GartnerGroup, 10/02, “Managing the Multisourced Environment”) So what can an organization do to stay ahead of the curve? The benefits of program management have long been recognized as critical success factors in helping single projects or integrated programs achieve their goals more reliably. An innovative, new approach places management responsibility for vendor selection and management and outsourcing oversight in a sourcing office-essentially program management focused on vendor and outsourcing management.