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IT Staffing Case Studies

At Commtech, we realize that staffing provides an interesting dichotomy. In many cases, hiring managers are technical and provide a wish list of all the skills they believe they need for the job. On the other hand, the HR staff are not technical and have an understandable difficulty in prioritizing the technical requirements provided. There is often a palpable disconnect between what the Hiring Manager is looking for and what the HR staff understands is needed for no fault of either. Commtech has experience in helping the HR Staff and Hiring managers sort out the skills barriers and focus on the qualifications it takes candidates to be successful. A little wonder that Commtech CSI has a success rate of 90 per cent. Out of every 100 resumes sent out, 90 percent result in job offers.

Case Study 1

A leading manufacturer of Telecommunication Network Equipment

The HR department was unable to locate a suitable candidate for Manager of Testing over a 2 month period in spite of using all available resources including other recruiting firms.

How Commtech CSI Helped
Commtech CSI discussed the position requirement with the HR Manager and met with the Director of the group for this position to determine the required qualifications for the candidate. We discovered a major difference in the understanding of the requirements between the both of them. Commtech spent time with the hiring manager to understand the day to day work for the position, eliminated unnecessary buzzwords, prioritized the needed skill sets and redefined the requirements for the position. We then broadcast the requirement over our network of contacts in the Telecommunication industry.

The client had an offer out to a successfully qualified candidate the following week and filled the position through Commtech. The company has been a Commtech client and ardent supporter ever since.


Case Study 2

A medical device manufacturing company.

After spending nearly 2 years on development, the client was 1 year behind schedule and unsure how much longer before they finish their development. They needed help in augmenting their existing staff and bringing correctly skilled resources to facilitate completion.

Our Solution
Commtech CSI discussed the needs for the project with the Manager and determined their requirements for the position. We recommended that they bring an engineer with good experience in both Hardware and Firmware first, followed by a firmware developer, technician and a test engineer in phases. Commtech rewrote the requirements for the position and brought in qualified candidates for the interviews.

Our client successfully released the new medical device for FDA testing within 6 months after a complete redesign with 1 new employee and three temporary staff members, all through Commtech. They also achieved a 50 percent savings of the budgeted cost during the development using the resources provided by Commtech.

Case Study 3

A Technology Solution Provider.

The client had difficulty in identifying and hiring qualified technology professionals for a technology product they have been developing for their customer and as a result were put under tremendous pressure and a possible cancellation of the project. The customer had the decision on approving/disapproving each resource provided by the client.

Commtech CSI’s involvement
Having heard about our abilities from other satisfied clients, this particular client approached us to assist them. We partnered with our client and visited the customer to jointly address the issues. We understood what was necessary and defined acceptable skills for the technical personnel that were mutually acceptable.

Qualified personnel with these particular skills were hard to come by. Working with our clients, and our network of contacts to scour the resources nationwide we staffed the project with the appropriate resources and successfully completed the project.